The Stuff of Reality

Lazaris points out that our Future creates our Present and lays it against the backdrop of our Past.  Oddly enough, we are conditioned to see things in exactly the opposite direction.  Hence, who we are is composed more of who we are becoming than of who we have been. This is why deliberate, conscious manifestation is so important if we desire to have a future that is anything but a continuation of the past.

Our reality, our personal “Now” moments of experience, are our own illusions which arise out of our raw materials that we process with a common set of tools.  Lazaris describes this in the book “The Sacred Journey, You And Your Higher Self” as follows:

“You create your reality out of choices and decisions, thoughts and feelings, and attitudes and beliefs.  That is all.  There are no other raw materials - no other resources - that you use or that anyone else uses.  Those who are creating more exciting realities than you are, are doing so out of the same “stuff”.

“Your thoughts and feelings are propelled by your choices and decisions and compelled by your attitudes and beliefs into manifestation on the loom of desire, imagination, and expectancy.”

Improving our ability to consciously manifest involves processing of our raw materials and our tools:

Processing The Raw Materials Of Manifestation

Processing our raw materials involves examining and clarifying our raw materials:  our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, choices and decisions.  The key to this activity is to recognize that our “Now” moments of personal reality are an accurate representation of our raw materials.  An effective way to do this in “Now” time is the following four step technique:

  1. 1.Recognize the situation and what it is showing you about your raw materials of manifestation.

  2. 2.Acknowledge that this moment reflects your own attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions;  and, as such, you have the power to change it.

  3. 3.If there is something about the “Now” moment that you don’t like, forgive yourself in order to create the space for change.  If your “Now” moment pleases you, feel the joy (this attracts more of the same).

  4. 4.If required, change the raw material (e.g. the belief) that is causing difficulty, otherwise, feel the gratitude for a loving, joyful universe.

Sharpening The Tools Of Manifestation

Desire, imagination and expectancy are the tools we use to manifest our “Now” moments.  Due to the Law of Attraction, the universe (the Be-Er) always gives us what we want, but it may not be what we ask for.  This is because, we often have a misalignment between our wanting and asking.  For example, we may ask to win a lottery;  however, if what we really want is to show that we aren’t deserving, aren’t worthy, or to prove to ourselves that metaphysics doesn’t work;  then we’ll never win the lottery since the universe responds to our intent.  Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) goes further stating that, for example, “Expectation is a focus with a vibration that permits the receiving of what you’re focused upon - and, you expect things, both wanted and unwanted (Excerpted from the workshop in Tampa, FL on Saturday, January 8th, 2005 #68).

Therefore, prior to consciously using the tools to manifest something in your reality, it is useful to answer the following seven questions before proceeding:

  1. 1.What do I want?

  2. 2.Why do I want it?

  3. 3.Why don’t I want it?  Up to now, this has been more powerful than the desire to have whatever it is.

  4. 4.What does my past say about this?

  5. 5.What do my fears say about this?

  6. 6.What do I really desire?

  7. 7.What do I honestly expect?

There are also meditative techniques, affirmations and other techniques that can be used to consciously change our raw materials and to hone our manifestation tools.  For more on Lazaris’ manifestation techniques, I’ve provided dowloadable “wma” files of their Secrets of Manifestation Part 1 tape series at the following links:

Manifestation 1: Tape 1 Side 1 005 Mnfstn111.wma

Manifestation 1: Tape 1 Side 2 006 Mnfstn112.wma

Manifestation 1: Tape 2 Side 1 007 Mnfstn121.wma

Manifestation 1: Tape 2 Side 2 008 Mnfstn122.wma

Seth’s Perspective

For a different metaphor on how we manifest, here is a quote from Seth in Session 23 from “The Early Sessions Book 1 of the Seth Material”:

“The camouflage pattern world is formed by the mind, and I am using this now in its true term as a part of the inner world.  Energy is receive by the mind through the inner senses and transformed by use of mental enzymes into camouflage patterns.”

Note that Seth refers to our illusion of physical reality as a camouflage pattern world;  i.e.,  we sense an inner world through our inner senses and then present ourselves (and project ourselves) in an illusionary representation based upon our beliefs and functions of the shared single mind of All-That-Is.  Here is another quote from Session 20 which expands upon this:

“I have said that the brain is the mind in camouflage, and so it is.  It is the portion of the mind that is more or less observable to the surgeon, and the part of the mind that reacts to camouflage pattern, and the part that can be explored and tampered with, though this is dangerous indeed.

The camouflage patterns of course do belong to the inner world also, since the camouflages themselves are formed from the vitality stuff of the universe by mental enzymes, which have a chemical reaction on your plane.  The reaction of course being a distortion.  That is, any camouflage pattern at all is bound to be a distortion, in a sense, of vitality forced into a particular form.

...Mental enzymes are actually the property of the inner world, representing the conversion of vitality into camouflage data which is then interpreted by the outer senses.”

The “vitality” stuff of the universe is the very essence of God/Goddess/All-That-Is.  Qabalistically,  the sequence of manifestation proceeds as:  Essence, Energy, Function then Form.  In Seth’s terminology, Essence corresponds to vitality, Energy is energy, Function is the world of Mind and Mental Enzymes, and finally, Form corresponds to camouflage reality.  It would be fair to say that the Lazaris’ raw materials and tools of creation correspond to general categories of Seth’s Mental Enzymes.