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Before looking at Cayce’s Laws of Cause and Effect, it is appropriate to first consider the implications of the brief statements about Level Confusion and to appreciate more fully the implications of Soul, Spirit and Mind transcending the linear, sequential time and the objective space of our personal perception of physical reality.

When we consider the four-step Qabalistic manifestation process which continuously bursts forth from Divine Essence becoming the manifested personal perception of “Now” by the Personality, it is a bit like the Soul dipping its Finger into the Cosmos to feel this aspect of All-That-Is.  Ripples of creation emanate from the Soul’s Cosmic contact and create what we see as past and future possibilities and probabilities.  From the Soul, Spirit and Mind’s vantage point all possibilities (all outcomes) are instantly known “before” the Personality encounters them as manifested experience.

From the vantage point of the Personality getting wet in the Cosmic sea of possibilities, moments of perception arise as the Personality surfs from probability wave crest to probability wave crest.  At each impact with a probability wave crest, the Personality tastes the Cosmic reality and perceives not only the current moment but also a spider web of new probabilities emanating in all directions from that moment.  These are the choices that we make in the “Now” as we explore the web of creation.  Since there is no time, this interaction of the Personality with the web of creation not only leads to choices based upon perceived alternatives in time and space, but it also results in new ripples being created since the Personality is, in fact, the very finger of the soul playfully manifesting a personal perception of the Cosmos (one of countless Soul fingers!).  These probability ripples propagate in all directions in time (past and future) and this reality and countless others!

For the Higher Self the totality of experience is much like a mosaic or perhaps like a computer screen wherein each lifetime is a pixel.  The harmonic relationships between the elements of the mosaic or pixels on a screen create a synergy, something new and potentially more abstract.  The Soul, Spirit and Higher Self are aware at levels incomprehensible to the Personality.  For example, the Personality perceives things in relative terms, whereas the Soul “lives” a state of being Divine Oneness.

Each moment of personal perception arises completely out of Divine Essence and yet these moments (at another level) form the intricate oneness of All-That-Is.  If there is no linear, sequential time at the level of Soul, then the conventional belief in karma and evolution in time are unfounded.  The Lazaris material clearly points this out, as does the Seth Material and “A Course In Miracles”.  What we perceive as past and future lives are, in fact, all being lived in the “Now” (the Spacious Present of Seth) and perceived causal relations between these lifetimes and moments of experience within lifetimes are much like waves of energy attracting and reinforcing experiences based upon higher level vibrational patterns. 

The Personality perceives moments of physical experience as a seemingly continuous stream of arisings in a serial-episodic “dream” (to borrow a metaphor from “A Course In Miracles”) whereas the Higher Self sees the bigger picture of all the lifetimes, and all moments in each lifetime, at once. 

The Higher Self’s Mosaic View




Finally, here is a Buddhist thought on causality by Longchen Rabjam from his “The Precious Treasury of The Basic Space of Phenomena”:

“Since the magical illusion of origination occurs within what has no origin,

it is the ordinary confused mind that characterizes things as involving causality.”

For an excellent introduction to reality creation, I recommend listening to Lazaris’ tapes entitled “Reality Creation:  The Basics”.  They are no longer available in tape form, but here is a set of “wma” audio files that you can download:

Tape 1, side 1: 001 Reality Creation 11.WMA

Tape 1, side 2: 002 Reality Creation 12.WMA

Tape 2, side 1: 003 Reality Creation 21.WMA

Tape 2, side 2: 004 Reality Creation 22.WMA