A Course In Miracles describes what we know of as life and death to be serial adventures of the body generated by a sleeping mind that momentarily dreams it is separate from God.  This website looks at enlightenment – waking up from the dreaming universe.

In reading 254-30, Cayce said:  “All force is as one force.  Hence the universal forces.  All knowledge is as one knowledge.”  Also, in extensive readings to the stockbroker identified as “900”, there are several discussions about the structure of consciousness, mind, spirit, etc and how these give rise to the universal forces and our life experiences (see, for example, reading 900-31).  Cayce also went on, over many other readings, to sketch out a set of universal laws that we could use to guide us in following a spiritual path. 

In reading 262-34, Cayce describes the oneness of God/Goddess/All-That-Is as follows:  "God is Spirit," standing back of everything in creation.  "God is One."  Everything is God; hence, God is everything.  We cannot separate Him and His creation.  We may try to do so, but then we become dual, and it is then we begin to misunderstand.  When we separate ourselves, or think ourselves apart from our Maker, God, we become as "a ship without a rudder."

This website is devoted to understanding the origin of the illusion of separateness and the process involved to put the rudder back on the ship of our life - Spiritual Mastery or enlightenment.  This website integrates the Cayce material (his universal laws of transformation and atonement) with material from Lazaris, A Course In Miracles, and other sources to suggest approaches to enlightenment (Spiritual Mastery).

The material is divided into four sections (page links are at the top of each page):

  1. 1.Background - pages 1.1 to 1.3

  2. 2.Starting Out - pages 2.1 to 2.8

  3. 3.Seven Steps to Spirituality - pages 3.1 to 3.8

  4. 4.The Spiritual Journey - pages 4.1 to 4.6

We will begin by looking at a selection of Edgar Cayce’s Universal Laws and how these get expanded and amplified by teachings from a variety of other sources. 

But first, here is a list of references that will be used in the following material:



Cayce material in general (e.g. The Complete Edgar Cayce Readings CD)

Bruce McArthur:  Your Life – Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It,

David McArthur & Bruce McArthur:  The Intelligent Heart – Transform Your Life with the Laws of Love

D. L. Childre:  Freeze-Frame, Fast Action Stress Relief

Foundation for Inner Peace:  A Course in Miracles

Lazaris material (www.lazaris.com)

Lazaris:  The Sacred Journey, You And Your Higher Self

Lazaris: Working With Your Shadow: An Imperative on the Spiritual Path

Jon Peniel:  The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis

Gary R. Renard:  The Disappearance of the Universe

Eckhart Tolle:  The Power of Now:  A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Rabbi David Aaron:  Kabbalah Works, Secrets for Purposeful Living; Your Coach In A Box audio CD set, 2005

Gaia channelled by Pepper Lewis:  Gaia Speaks – Sacred Earth Wisdom

Bruce Lipton:  The Biology of Belief http://www.brucelipton.com/

Other Related Sources (and Workshops):

My Blog:  http://web.me.com/allenconrad1/alworldview

Robert Wang:  The Qabalistic Tarot

Aryeh Kaplan:  Sefer Yetzirah

Carlo Suares:  The Cipher of Genesis

Seth, Elias and Kris material (http://www.newworldview.com/)

Kryon material (http://www.kryon.com/)

Transcendors material (http://rikthurston.com/home)

John Van Auken:  Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah

Abraham material:  www.abraham-hicks.com

Alice Bailey:  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/books/books_on_line)

In parallel with this web site, I’ve created a blog at http://al-worldview.blogspot.com/ to encourage group discussions.

A copy of the first workshop presentation for “Light on Enlightenment” can be downloaded in “pdf” format using this link: Light On Enlightenment.pdf .  

A new approach to this workshop was developed just in time for CFC 2012 and can be downloaded here: Workshop (2) 2012 Riding the Wave AFC1.pdf .  This second version is based on a new approach to Enlightenment (Spiritual Mastery) which combines Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach (“AQAL” All Quadrants All Levels) with Edgar Cayce’s use of Ideals and Lazaris’ approach to Spiritual Mastery.

The 2013 workshop entitled: “The Ideal Approach - To Life, Spirituality and Enlightenment” can be downloaded here: Workshop (2) 2013 The Ideal Approach V02.pdf .

The 2014 workshop entitled: “Oneness ... Easy to Say, Hart to Understand, Even Harder to Live” can be downloaded here: Workshop (2) 2014 Oneness V04a.pdf .

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